What Business Are You In?

conference tableWhat business are you in? Sounds like the professor’s question in a business strategy class when the students are formulating and configuring their SWOT analysis. But yes, the same question should be asked when deciding what type or sort of office furniture should you chose.

The image of your office is very important.

I once visited an office of a lawyer who requested for a quotation for some office cubicles. After some measurements of his office space and rooms, I suggested that he also get some file cabinets since I noticed stacks and stacks of papers mounted on each of his associate’s tables.

He thankfully declined and said: “Oh, those mountains of papers have a purpose. They’re there for the clients to see and appreciate that we are a busy law firm.”

Are you into the creative business?

Is your business into advertising, marketing, publishing, or production? If so, show it by your taste in office furniture. It must exude creativity and would ignite your employees to work with intense vigor and attract clients to do business with you. I’ve done business with advertising agencies and yes most of their office fixtures, from chairs, conference tables and partitions are a bit colorful. It need not be expensive; it just has to be innovative.

Some of your clients may notice your inventiveness by the way you arrange your cubicles and the colors you chose. You just don’t know, it could be a deciding factor for the client in choosing your firm.

Are you into the finance business?

If your business is related to finance and banking, the overall image must be formal. Money matters and you mean business. Show it. Stability, firmness must be manifested in your office furniture. Look at the office cubicles of the banks, the big big banks in particular. They are not the two dollar suitcase type. Expensive? Most likely. But who gives a heck when you are dealing with millions with your clients.

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Creating a Cozy Office Space

office cubiclesChoosing office furniture is like designing one’s own house. Since the employees would wound up spending most of their waking time in the office, a significant amount of effort and planning should be spent once you decide to get your office furniture.


You could start up with the color combination. Your office cubicles and partitions should be pleasant to the eye. The pale hues of yellow, green, and blue, and also white or gray, are great color. Neon colors are a big no-no especially if the employees need to sit around all day working in front of their computers within the cubicles.


As for the tables and desks, the designs need not be extravagant. They just have to be simple yet formal, maintaining that relaxed but functional feel out of your office. Some jobs require a lot of paperwork like the legal and accounting work, so wider and longer office tables are required.

As for the chairs, the widely used ones are the ergonomic office chairs. These provide not only comfort but also less stress and injury to the users. Our 41-2 and 40-2 models provide both comfort and luxury.

Meanwhile, cabinets should suit the needs of your workplace. There are cabinets that have sliding doors and many others have multiple drawers and shelves. Some BPO companies require 18 door cabinets and 15 door (our models have KS-18D and KS15D).

Functionality, security, and elegance should be kept in mind when choosing office furniture. Employees may treat the office like it’s a second home, and not only that, clients may get a lasting impression out of it. Choose wisely and carefully!

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Get Your Office Furniture Right And Be Free From Pain And Strain

For some people, sitting in their offices  is quite a  challenge because it is difficult to maintain a decent posture. Working for long hours while sitting in front of a computer strains the back.

Some even hunch themselves forward while attempting to be near the computer screen.  Do not forget that the computer is a powerful device that takes one’s attention away from one’s own body and allow it to be focused on the screen.

Be aware that there are ways to properly sit to help counteract the body’s tendency to slouch. There are models that can provide you this. Choosing the proper chairs as well as a decent set of office furniture will keep your posture and back free from pain.

Do not forget that the muscles of the abdomen are in front of the spine. Also, the muscles at the back help hold erect the upper body similar to two elastic bands. Leaning forward while hunched on an office chair disturbs the balance of the body and puts strain on the muscles of the back.

You can compare the strain brought on by sitting in your office  with balancing a non-moving motorcycle.  When you are in a bike, the muscles of the back and abdominals work together to keep the body in an erect position with little effort. But the instance a motorcycle leans a bit over, there is an effort to keep the bike from ever falling. The more it leans, the more energy is needed to keep it from falling.

Essentially, leaning 30 degrees forward in order to get near the computer screen puts much strain on the back thus contributing to the wear and tear of the surfaces of the joints, the spine’s ligaments and the discs between the vertebrae. Through time, such a posture could lead to rigid, tight joints and muscles which are more prone to pain and injury.

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to sitting is that it seems to require little effort. However, this is false. Be aware that the muscles of the back are always working to keep the body upright. Those who sit too long and work for lengthy periods have the tendency to hunch their backs thus causing strain on the structures of the back.

In order to avoid the body’s tendency to slouch forward while on an office chair, position a tennis ball between the middle of the back and the office chair on each of the spine’s side. Hold the ball in place while working or sitting. Doing so helps the mind remain aware of the body and not be totally absorbed on the computer screen.

Also, by leaning the back on the tennis ball, an acupressure-like effect is produced thereby stimulating the flow of blood in the area and releasing the contracted muscles physically as well as the connective tissues.  Plus, the pressure brought on by the ball produces a nervous system that mediates analgesic effect similar to what an acupuncture does.

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