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Why We’re One of The Best Office Furniture Suppliers

Who makes the best office furniture?  At WorkZone, YOUR modular workstations and interior furnishing solutions are on us at the best price for you.

We create conducive workplaces that will bring in the maximum productivity and capacity of your staff members. We envision becoming a leader in modular office and interior furnishing design solutions.

Worldwide there are a few companies that we can rank as the best in the industry. There is Urban Office which is a company based in London. Herman Miller, which is, as you already know, popular for their office chairs. Kristalia, an Italian company which manufactures lovely tables and chairs. Knoll from Germany and of course Steelcase, which is the biggest out there.

Let us give you some reasons why we’re considered as one of the best office furniture suppliers here in the Philippines:

1. YOUR needs are first! We offer wide selections of standard and custom-made designs to accommodate the diverse needs of each business enterprise. Each industry has differing needs and demands.

Some are extremely strict on safety. Others have their priorities on aesthetics while most customers would have budget dictate the specific specs of the product. At any rate, Workzone addresses any of these demands by the client.

There is a tight balancing act here with regards to the specs and budget. Most of us would like to have the best of both worlds. We’d like to have the most durable chair with a price tag of the unthinkable. Low.

At Workzone we help the clients in their decisions by presenting the possible options. Asking the clients about their specific uses for the furniture would greatly help.

One client was wanting to have dozens of office chairs. Her first choice was the lower side of the chair spectrum. Why? Like most of us, it’s because of the price. After a couple of questions, we learned that the chairs are for her online tutorial service. And her business is 24/7.

Wow, that’s a lot of load for the chairs. Think of this: the average life of an office chair, the high-end types would run from five to seven years. That is if you use it (actually sit, yes) for six to eight hours per day.

Well, the usual replaceables have shorter lives like the ball or rollercasters. These rollers get the brunt of your weight. You can get easy replacements from your warranty if applicable. If not, at your nearby DIY or hardware shops.

But think the length of time the chair is used by call center guys, it is 24/7. That’s more than 3 times the normal use. So if your chair is the cheapy type, then you would be looking for another supplier in just a few months.

In this industry, the needs of the customers are evolving. These are mostly dictated by technology, the shift in demographics, and even right now, social media.

Some clients just send photos they got from Instagram and would ask if we have that particular design of chairs, cabinets, and other customized fixtures.

It is reassuring to say that WorkZone not only recognizes the customer but also understands his or her desires and that the company not only sells furniture but work environment, solutions, and efficiency.

2. Experience in the Industry. Since 2011.  In these years, Workzone has worked with dozens of industries. You have the Construction sector, Banking, Transportation, Computer, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Education, Food, Healthcare, Energy, Mining, and the bulk which is the Call Center Industry.

Our greatest volume of work comes from the call center industry. This sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the Philippines. In a span of about ten years, we installed thousands of office cubicles and partitions in that industry alone.

To cite a few, there was a BPO company at Ayala Avenue in Makati where we installed about 120 cubicles. At Ortigas, along Emerald Avenue, a 1000 square meter office building, we assembled 300 office cubicles. Then there are dozens and dozens of companies in the business areas of Alabang, Malate, Ortigas, Makati, and Pasay.

The Office Furniture installations on the other hand come mostly from companies involved in the Banking, Transportation, and Industrial sectors. Office sofa. conference tables, shelves, blinds, overhead cabinets, carpets, and other fixtures.

There is this mining company in Palawan where we installed the complete set-up of their furniture. From office tables, chairs, office partitions, dividers, mobile pedestals, and other smaller fixtures.

We shipped the furniture from the Manila Pier to Puerto Princesa. The parts have to be counted meticulously before loading to a 40-foot container. This is to make sure that all the parts are complete as there are no other furniture suppliers in the actual site.

3. Updated on the hottest trends. We’re enthusiastic about what’s in! With our considerable experience and background in building design and renovation, project management, architecture, interior design, and building construction, we, together with our partners have our eyes open and ears on the ground for the hottest trends.

One of the recent changes in office furniture arrangement and design is the adoption of flexible workspaces. In these set-ups, employees work in groups. They share common workspaces, common tables where they can easily exchange ideas and even easily pass on hard copies of their work.

The flexible workspaces are also suited if you have many personnel who are assigned in the field and have no permanent workstations.

Another trend is the design of office chairs for obese people. It was very hard to find extra-large chairs before. High-end chairs normally could handle 250-300 lbs. If you have employees weighing 300-400 lbs, then a different type of chair is suited for them. There are bariatric chairs with high backs and wider seats and stronger starbases.

Then there’s this trend of multi-purpose office furniture. You might have seen these already in places like Hongkong or in Japan where space is limited. Furniture that is foldable and technology embedded. Wow! These types save space and also allow other activities in your office as you can easily reconfigure your arrangement.

One trend that is fast becoming the new normal is work from home. Freestanding office tables are needed. Not the cubicles anymore. Portable drawers and mobile pedestals come in hand. Office chairs that are easily assembled go with it.

4.The Team.  In the early part of 2011, Workzone assembled a team composed of installers, interior designer, engineer, carpenters, and an architect for an office renovation project. This was the start of a good relationship which eventually grew into an office furniture design company.

The team is fully aware of the company’s mission and takes pride in providing rapid solutions that will address our client’s requirements—time, space, comfort and budget are being kept in mind!

Our expertise has attracted expert clients. Some of the companies we have worked with are Petron, UCE Enterprises, Ateneo De Manila University, Cloud Sherpass, Axiem Corporation, Renaissance Training Center, Procter & Gamble, Aero Training Center, 51Talk, BASF, Amdocs, BLTB, Monaco International, TranzGlobal, Unichamp, NXP, VCI, Offshore Business Processing. Openovate Labs, Profiles Asia Pacific, SRPC, Tencentech, Trinko Incorporated, Dewan Architects, CME Partner and a whole lot of BPO’s and call-centers.

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